OC_convention_center2.jpg Orange County Convention Center Phase V
Over 1 million square foot of additional convention exhibit space to the existing facility. The firm's sub-consulting role was design and construction administration to retaining walls, walkway bridge, shallow foundation and general construction administration.



Airside E, Tampa International Airport, Tampa FL
A 247,000 square foot three level airside terminal. Firm's sub-consulting included reinforced concrete pan formed floor framing and flat slab, Cooling Tower structure and exterior ramps.


Airside C, Tampa International Airport, Tampa FL
A 300,000 square foot sixteen gate airside terminal. Firm performed design and analysis of portions of pan formed floor framing, cooling tower and generator building as sub-consultant.
 photo coming soon Tampa International Airport Baggage Security Enhancements, Tampa FL
A design/build project consisting of numerous structures and conveyor systems to improve baggage checking security. Sub-consulting design tasks on 35, 000 Sq. ft Baggage Sortation Building Conveyor supports, 55,000 sq. ft. Baggage Sortation Building, 70ft. span girders supporting roof and baggage conveyors and other building frame elements. Existing girder assessments for baggage conveyor loads.



TIA Economy Parking Garage I, Tampa, FL (formerly Remote Parking Garage)
A 5,000 space six level post-tensioned parking structure with an independent cast in place ramp structure. Administration building, entry-exit canopies. Firm's Sub-consulting role included design of specific ramp structure elements, Administration building and entry-exit canopies. Construction administration role in all elements of the project.
Park_Gar.___Rental_Car_6_19_09.jpg TIA Economy Parking Garage II, Tampa, FL
A 5,000 space six level post-tensioned parking structure to the immediate east of phase I. Vehicle access was a retrofit to the independent parking structure. Firm's sub-consulting role was design of portions of ramp structure connector retrofit, exterior pre-cast stair foundation design, restrooms at cell phone lot and elevator lobby framing at roof.
City of Jacksonville Library Parking Garage, FL
This 600 space pre-cast six storey parking structure serves as the garage to the City of Jacksonville Library. An infill development that required cast in place continuous shallow foundations adjacent to an existing multi-storey building foundation. Our sub-consulting role here was design of the continuous cast in place foundation.



Orlando Events Center for Orlando Magic, FL
An 800,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose venue for the 2009 NBA Finalists consisting of cast in place concrete framing with a steel framed practice facility, 90 ft. glazed entry, steel framed roof. Pre-cast and metal panel. Firm's sub-consulting involvement included design, coordination and construction administration of exterior skin support design, truck loading area, gutter, terraces, and entry lobby.
jacksonville arena_1.jpg Veteran's Memorial Arena, Jacksonville FL
A 17,000 seat concrete frame, steel roof and pre-cast seats. Firm performed design to trolley station and shop drawing reviews on all aspects of the project as sub-consultant.
jacksonville_arena2.jpg City of Jacksonville AA Ballpark, FL
A 9,000 seat facility consisting of concrete frame steel roof and pre-cast seating. Firm performed masonry design, light gage framing and shop drawing review as sub-consultant.


Kingston Transshipment Port Phase IV, Jamaica
550m of new anchored sheet pile berth replacement. A north terminal and an extension of the south terminal at Gordon Cay. Smada was sub-consultant for design of berth and piled crane support beams.
KCT__15_.JPG Kingston Transshipment Port Phase V, Jamaica
Port of Kingston main container shipping facility received expansions for Post Panamax vessels to its new West Berth and retrofit of the south terminal and over 60 hectares of container storage space. 450 meters of berth at 50ft. draft was installed to support the container cranes in addition to retrofits to hurricane tiedown at the existing south berth.  Firm's role was structural design of the anchored sheet pile system and piled support framing to the cranes including retrofit.
KCT__31_.jpg Redevelopment of Berths 8 & 9 Kingston Wharves, Jamaica
The 370 meter existing relieving platform type berth was demolished and replaced with a 50ft. draft anchored sheet pile wall with piled container crane support and deck capable of supporting mobile container handling vehicles. Firm's Sub-consulting role involved structural design of anchored sheet pile wall and piled crane support.



Half Way Tree Transportation Center, Kingston, Jamaica
A 3 level bus transportation facility 190,000 sq. ft. in the capital covered a city block and featured structural elements of anchored sheet pile retaining walls, mat foundation, concrete frames, pre-cast floor framing, steel framed roof with a 380ft. span arched truss. Structural design review Sub-consultants for all the structural elements.



City of Kissimmee Sanitation Facility, FL
10 proposed pre-engineered buildings. Some are slated for new installation or expansion; included features of retaining walls, service pits and foundation capacity increases. Project Structural Engineer


photo coming soon

Heart House Church, Clermont, FL
17,000 sq. ft. proposed pre-engineered metal building frame with mezzanine level of steel floor framing supporting concrete slab on metal deck. Project Structural Engineer.



Palmyra Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica
A high rise condominium resort with concrete frame and shear wall systems. The Delegated Engineer role for cold formed steel roof trusses was on three of the structures total.